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Comprehensive Wealth Management
Level 1

Asset Management

All AEGIS clients receive our foundational asset management service. This allows for an investment strategy personalized to suit your needs and objectives, and an asset allocation plan that will help you mitigate tax with respect to your short-term cash flow needs, and your long-term financial priorities.

This service also includes value-added components like beneficiary reviews, educational resources and coordination with your accountant and other professional partners.

Our Level 1 service is best suited to clients with investable assets of $249,999 or less.

  • Personalized portfolio and investment plan
  • Tax-efficiency strategies integrated into your investment plan
  • Education funding, RMD planning and building your wealth for retirement
  • Beneficiary reviews to mitigate tax and correct liabilities
  • Reporting process that includes performance summary reports and fee transparency
  • Additional communication and resources including timely email notifications, market updates, newsletters and educational events
  • Coordination with your professional partners and fee reports for your tax preparer
Comprehensive Wealth Management
Level 2

Financial Planning

The second level of our service marks the point where we move beyond your investment portfolio, to a far broader perspective on your financial situation. Your planning and tax strategies at this level incorporate social security options, current and future cash flow needs, and building income streams for retirement designed to align with your lifestyle goals.

Our Level 2 service is best suited to clients with investable assets of $250,000 - $499,999. It incorporates all components of Level 1, as well as:

  • Analyzing and maximizing your Social Security benefit
  • Implementing tax-efficiency strategies related to capital gains, wealth transfers and retirement
  • Designing cash flow and income strategies to meet current and future lifestyle needs
  • Planning your retirement and/or business succession
  • Annual Stakeholder Meeting
Comprehensive Wealth Management
Level 3

Enhanced Financial Planning

Clients of our enhanced planning service have access to a wider range of investment, retirement, estate and tax strategies. We help them employ advanced planning and wealth management tactics to mitigate tax while working toward a variety of financial objectives.

Our Level 3 service is best suited to clients with investable assets of $500,000 - $999,999. It incorporates Levels 1 and 2, as well as an additional layer of advice and strategy that includes:

  • Full tax review and efficiency plan
  • Retirement needs analysis, 401(k) review and comprehensive retirement planning
  • Estate plan and survivor needs analysis
  • Alternative investment strategies
  • Insurance risk management and long-term care planning
Comprehensive Wealth Management
Level 4

Wealth Management

For those who are balancing retirement needs with estate and legacy goals, family priorities and a complicated tax profile, you need a service that can accommodate and simplify all this complexity.

It’s for this reason that we developed the Comprehensive Wealth Management service. This includes all of the investment and wealth planning capabilities of other service levels, as well as a number of specialized strategies and personalized AEGIS tools.

Our Level 4 service is best suited to clients with investable assets of over $1,000,000. It includes all features of Level 1, 2 and 3, with additional guidance that involves:

  • Your complete Financial Life Plan
  • AEGIS Tax Gap Analysis and summary report
  • Transition guides including the 12-Part Business Succession Guide
  • Legacy and Quality of Life Planning
  • Charitable gifting with integrated tax strategy
  • External account consulting, online vaulting and identity protection
  • Annual stakeholders meeting with family and professional partners
Potential Tax Savings

Exclusive Offer

Our AEGIS Tax Gap Analysis is part of our Level 4 Comprehensive Wealth Management Service. We are offering this analysis at no cost to anyone reaching out through our website.

Insights from the Specialized Professionals

Tax expertise runs deep at AEGIS. We regularly share strategies, ideas and tips to help you build and manage your wealth tax-efficiently.

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