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When you keep more of what you earn, you can do more for your family.

Every dollar counts when you’re planning for your children’s future as well as your own. That’s why we combine tax strategy and family wealth planning, focusing on what you need for your lifestyle, what you aspire to for your family, and what you envision for your legacy.

Through the four successive levels of our service platform, we provide a one-stop financial experience for families, from education planning to wealth transfer.

Asset Management

  • Personalized portfolio and investment plan built around your family’s needs
  • Tax-efficient strategies to fund your children’s education
  • Balancing family priorities while building your wealth for retirement
  • Beneficiary reviews to mitigate tax and correct liabilities
  • Additional communication and resources to keep you informed and help educate the rising generation

Financial Planning

  • Implementing tax-efficiency strategies related to life events, such as gifting assets to the next generation, planning an estate or inheritance, or saving for major milestones
  • Designing cash flow and income strategies to help ensure all family support goals are met
  • Annual family stakeholders meeting to establish a shared understanding of goal, progress and expectations

Enhanced Financial

  • Full review of your family’s financial health and tax liability
  • Building a comprehensive plan for your retirement that incorporates family priorities
  • Understanding and building your family legacy with an estate plan and beneficiary review
  • Introducing specialized strategies like alternative investments and insurance planning to help you pursue a variety of family goals

Wealth Management

  • Your complete Financial Life Plan with tax efficiency review
  • Life transition guides to help your family navigate life events
  • Legacy and Quality of Life Planning
  • Annual stakeholders meeting with family and professional partners

AEGIS Discovery Guide

Our comprehensive discovery exercises help to uncover crucial priorities that are often overlooked in the planning process – such as personal values and the legacy you envision for future generations.

Many of our clients have grown children, grandchildren, or aging parents to consider. We provide not only a comprehensive wealth process, but also conveniences like coordinating with your lawyer and accountant, and proactively identifying opportunities to save on tax.

William Bowman, CPA
President, Wealth Manager

The Financial Life Plan

The Financial Life Plan incorporates all aspects of your wealth, and with our unique tax-oriented approach, we also ensure that tax strategies are integrated throughout. This life-oriented approach to wealth planning is often particularly valuable for families, who have numerous priorities and options to consider.

Could a tax-efficient approach better serve your family’s priorities?

Insights from the Specialized Professionals

We regularly share strategies, ideas and tips to help you build and manage your wealth tax-efficiently.

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