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High-Net-Worth Investors

Your needs change as your wealth grows.

For high-net-worth individuals and families, over time it becomes increasingly important to have the right investment decision-making process in place– one that is fully aligned with your interests and that addresses the impact of tax on your wealth.

Because we operate through our own Registered Investment Advisor, we are held to the fiduciary standard of care, which ensures every piece of advice we offer is exclusively in your best interest.

Through our multi-level service platform, we also help you take advantage of opportunities to invest your wealth tax-efficiently.

Asset Management

  • Personalized portfolio and tax-efficient investment plan
  • Unbiased, cost-efficient investment advice with the fiduciary standard of care
  • Diversification and risk management strategies suited to your risk tolerance
  • Income-generating investments to help meet your cash flow needs

Financial Planning

  • Aligning your portfolio with a financial plan that encompasses the central aspects of your wealth
  • Implementing tax-efficiency strategies related to capital gains, wealth transfers and retirement
  • Preparing for and navigating life transitions
  • Annual Stakeholders Meeting to coordinate with your professional partners

Enhanced Financial

  • Full financial analysis to mitigate the longterm impact of tax on your wealth
  • Legacy plan development, trust strategies and building your estate
  • Incorporating alternative investments into your portfolio
  • Insurance, risk management and tax strategies to help preserve your wealth

Wealth Management

  • Your complete Financial Life Plan
  • Wealth transition guides including the 12-Part Business Succession Guide
  • Legacy and Quality of Life Planning
  • Charitable gifting with integrated tax strategy
  • Annual stakeholders meeting with family and professional partners

The AEGIS Process

We take a true team approach, so that you can gain the value of working with a range of qualified professionals, while maintaining a very personal experience throughout the relationship.

Better tax strategy, combined with unbiased independent advice, can result in a dramatic reduction in the cost of investing. This is vital for high-net-worth investors planning for the long term.

Mike Villeneuve
Wealth Manager

Investor Profile Questionnaire

As part of our unique client discovery process, we walk you through an investor profile exercise that helps identify specific targets, needs and preferences.

Could a tax-efficient approach bring you closer to your investment goals?

Insights from the Specialized Professionals

We regularly share strategies, ideas and tips to help you build and manage your wealth tax-efficiently.

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